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Physical Education
Veterans Memorial
Senior Center
939 Valota Rd
Redwood City, CA 94061
(650) 368-7732

The Adaptive PE program offers a variety of classes to fit your needs and level of mobility. General Conditioning Classes are offered each weekday while Specialized Classes have unique schedules and may incur an extra fee (please see our Schedule page for timing).

General Conditioning Classes

All General Conditioning Classes (APE Classes) are structured in a way that offers a personalized exercise program but carried out in a motivating group setting. Each individual is allowed to progress at his or her own pace, and feel safe in an environment where they will not be judged for their own particular level of ability.

Each 90 minute class consists of a group exercise session and an individual exercise session. Depending on fitness needs, individual exercise may be independent exercise or personalized with a trainer. Classes are purchased in bundles depending on desired attendance. You may enroll at any time and the fee will be prorated.


We are offering in-person and Zoom classes
Option 1: Group Exercise
Option 2: Specialized Classes

Group Exercise

Group Exercise
45 min.

This segment is 45 minutes long and includes a warm up, strength training exercises, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, and a cool down.

Individual Exercise - Independent Workout

Individual Exercise -
Independent Workout

Depending upon the individual, only a small amount of instruction may be necessary prior to exercising independently. Cardiovascular and strength training equipment such as: NuSteps, treadmills, arm cycles, wall pulleys, balance and stability balls, parallel bars etc., are all available for use.

Individual Exercise - Personalized Training

Individual Exercise - Personalized Training
45 min.

Before and/or after the group exercise, students can work with a personal fitness trainer to tailor a specific exercise program to meet their individual fitness and wellness goals. Great care will be taken to choose appropriate exercises with an emphasis on safety and adaptations for each individual.

Specialized Classes

Biodex SD Balance System Program

Biodex SD Balance System Program
By Arrangement Only - call (650) 368-7732 for more details

A comprehensive Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program using our Biodex Balance System. This equipment increases mobility, assesses fall-risk, improves balance, develops muscle tone and increases agility.

Gait Improvement Class

Gait Improvement Class
In-person class with a Zoom option

Focus on movements and techniques for improving stride length as well as tempo and stability. Attention will also focus on foot an hip function and the role they play in movement quality. We will also review movement patterns with activities contributing to gait which would include sit-to-stand, ground-to-stand, upper extremity activities, and posture. We will identify which muscles are firing or not at appropriate times during the gait cycle. The secondary goal of the class is to be able to multi-task with these movements.

Mobility and Stretching Class

Mobility and Stretching Class
In-person classes with a Zoom option

Class will emphasize breathing, joint function, mobility, range-of-motion. Special focus on trunk, spinal mobility and hamstring flexibility which plays a vital role in hip extension—a key element of efficient walking. The ultimate goal is to empower students to self-evaluate regularly to address their bodies’ needs.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga
This class focuses on ease of movement, gentle strengthening and balance

Participants are led through a series of gentle seated and standing yoga poses and relaxation techniques. 


Level 2 Circuit Training

Level 2 Circuit Training

Circuit training is an efficient and challenging form of conditioning. 

It works well to improve strength, endurance and coordination. The class combines weight training, balance and cardiovascular work in a group setting. Stability balls, hand weights, medicine balls and resistance bands will be used to target your arms, legs, chest and core.

Parkinsons' Chair Exercise Class

Parkinsons’ Chair Exercise Class

in person and on Zoom--starting at 3:00 p.m.  The first 15 minutes are on aerobic machines (in-person only) and then 3:15-4pm with exercise in the chair (and on the webcam). The class will encompass seated and standing exercises for flexibility, strength and balance.  More information:  (650) 368-7732

Prerequisites include: 
1.)  You must be able to stand from a chair (with assistance of a walker/cane or  caregiver ok)
2.)  You can balance sitting in a chair without help
3.)  You must have blood pressure well managed.

Parkinson's Exercise (Advanced)

Parkinson's Exercise (Advanced)

This is a high level class consisting of walking, balancing, and aerobic activity.

Prerequisites include: 
1.) You must be able to walk independently for 45 minutes. 
2.) You must be able to get up/down from floor alone or with assist of a chair.

Fitness for Neuromuscular Condidtions

Fitness for Neuromuscular Conditions

Designed to improve the functionality and fitness of people with Parkinson's.

Prerequisites include: 
You must be able to walk independently and be able to get up/down from floor.
Please contact the instructors, Scott Lohmann and Sang Pvongnak, before registering at: or call (650) 823-1225.

Yoga for Parkinson's

Yoga for Parkinson’s

This class focuses on improved mobility and relaxation.

This includes both floor and standing poses.

Evening Fitness

Evening Fitness

This unique exercise program focuses on weight loss, core training and injury prevention.

Class includes on-going consultation with a personal fitness instructor who will plan a fitness program tailored for your specific needs. The instructor will also monitor your progress and provide valuable tools and information for continued fitness success!

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Maintenance Program

Pulmonary Maintenance Program
Please contact us at (650) 368-7732 for more information.

This program is designed to assist persons with a Pulmonary diagnosis to increase stamina and maintain physical fitness.